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Eurikas is a global supplier of specialty chemicals. Our products are sold into 6 markets: Inks & Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants, Engineered Wood, Asphalt & Bitumen, Polymer Modification and Agriculture.
We collaborate with a number of manufacturing & development partners, companies with the highest reputation, that we represent in our markets. We also offer tailor made product development capabilities, to bring you the best possible solution for your business.
We differentiate ourselves by our extensive network, our 50 years of combined experience and guaranteed feedback within 48 hours.
In addition, we offer a number of other value adding services to the chemical industry.
  • Inks & Coating

    Inks & Coatings

    Coloring, protecting sensitive surfaces and transferring information are as old as writing. Modern society keeps throwing up new things that need coating and inks however. Eurikas additives and raw materials meet these challenges and are ready for new ones!

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  • Adhesives & Sealants

    Adhesives & Sealants

    Without materials to bond surfaces and seal interfaces against liquids, heat etc our society would literally fall apart. Eurikas additives and raw materials are part of the team of components that make a good adhesive or sealant so reliable and strong.

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  • Engineered Wood

    Engineered Wood

    Is there a better way to use wood to make products that look beautiful and also aid in the battle against CO2 build up than with OSB and other engineered wood products? Eurikas products take part in the processing and finishing of engineered wood products.

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  • Asphalt & Bitumen

    Asphalt & Bitumen

    As the world of petrochemicals changes the challenges of raw material supply and meeting environmental needs keep increasing. Recycling is a key solution and Eurikas products are there to take part.

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  • Polymer Modification

    Polymer Modification

    The infinitely plastic world of plastics. Whether it be improving performance of a polymer to allow it to compete with other materials or making sure that same plastic is as safe as it could possibly be, Eurikas has a range of products that excel at the job at hand.

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  • Agriculture


    More efficient use of fertiliser and seeds means more food for humanity with less harmful effect on the environment. Eurikas additives play a vital role in doing more with less and getting seeds and fertiliser where they need to be.

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