Waterproofing membranes are critical for providing roofs with protection from water and moisture. They must also provide good resistance to UV in order to give long lasting protection and are also relied upon to modify heat flows into buildings, the so called “cool roofs”. Waterproofing membranes are available in either sheet form or spray-on coatings, with major categories of sheet types being polymer modified bitumen and polymeric sheets. Polymeric sheets cover a range of materials such as polymeric olefin elastomers and PVC, while spray on coatings include such base materials as polyurethanes and polychloroprene’s.

EURIKAS is offering typical polymers such as SBS or amorphous polypropylene (APP or APAO). In recent years a wide range of other polyolefin types have also been introduced. Waxes are another class of raw material that can be used to modify the bitumen properties, such as viscosity and softening point.

The functionality of waterproofing membranes can be further enhanced by coatings to improve adhesion to other substrates such as polyolefin (for woven membranes), water resistance, reflect heat and provide barriers against leeching of material from the roof itself into run off water.

Products Offered:

Linear SBS: LG501S

Radial SBS: LG411

APP: EurikaBit 679