GMT Corporation is a Korean manufacturer of oxidized high density polyethylenes and has been active in the chemical industry for over twenty years. GMT products are characterized by tight specifications, high lot to lot consistency and ease of incorporation. High molecular weight with its attendant benefits of high wear resistance and strong effect on processing properties is a particular feature of the range. More info on 

Markets served include: PVC and engineering plastics processing, textile softeners & lubricants, paper processing lubricants, liquid floor polish protection, press room chemicals, abrasion resistance overprint varnishes and polymer modified bitumen. The products also show interesting possibilities for replacement of fluorocarbons such as PTFE.

For further information on applications , please contact us, we will be pleased to offer assistance in emulsion formulating

The GMT 1800 range are series of homologues differentiated by the degree of oxidation (as measured by acid value) and molecular weight

Products offered:

GMT-1800 series used as Processing Aids

GMT-1800 series used in Emulsions