Adhesives and sealants

Eurikas offers a number of raw materials for the adhesives and sealants market. Our additives and raw materials are part of the team of components that make a good adhesive or sealant so reliable and strong.

Our product portfolio includes thixotropic amide waxes, a number of synthetic waxes, amorphous polypropylene (APP) and copolymer dispersions.

As an adhesive or sealant manufacturer you will be able to get the right product from us at any time, please visit our product page to explore our innovative offerings in more detail.

Products offered:

Rheology Modifiers for Sealants

EurikaThix 5090

EurikaThix 5390

Synthetic Waxes for Adhesives

EurikaWax MC-1800

EurikaWax FT-10

EurikaWax FT-20

Polymers (APP) for Adhesives

EurikaBit 679

Copolymer Dispersions for Waterbased Adhesives

EurikaCoat 3624

EurikaCoat 3624-HS

EurikaCoat 3624-40

EurikaCoat 3640N

EurikaCoat 3644N