Inks & Coatings

EURIKAS offers a wide range of coatings, in addition to raw materials and additives to enhance the properties of inks and coatings.  The EurikaCoat range is widely used in the Printing & Packaging market, to learn more, please visit Products / Eurikas 

Our copolymer dispersions EurikaCoat 3624, EurikaCoat  3624-HS & EurikaCoat 3624-40  are also used as binders in screw- and metal coatings, developed to provide anti-corrosion properties. 

In addition, we also offer natural vegetable waxes, such as sugar cane wax, and its various blends with carnauba wax and montan wax. 

Mitsui Chemicals is one of the major chemical manufacturers in Japan for a wide range of polyethylene, polyurethane, hydrocarbon resin and acrylic related raw materials and  products, which are used as important binders for flexographic and gravure packaging inks. To learn more about these products, please visit Products / Mitsui 

Below you can find more technical details about our products offerings:

EurikaCoat Product Summary for Printing & Packaging

EurikaCoat 3624

EurikaCoat 3624-HS

EurikaCoat 3624-40

EurikaWax SC11G

EurikaWax SC12G

EurikaWax SCC20G

EurikaWax SCM30G

Mitsui Product Overview