The flexible packaging market is currently undergoing a major change towards fiber based products such as paper- and board based packaging solutions. These new solutions are allowing major global brand owners to meet the current mega trends such as sustainability, recyclability, compostability and marine disintegration. The use of foils and extrusion coatings as well as fluorochemicals will need to be avoided and are expected to banned in the very near future.  

All major brand owners and global packaging companies are adapting their worldwide strategies to meet all this new challenges. But, in order to protect fresh food with such renewable environmentally friendly raw materials, paper- and board surfaces need to properly coated so they provide the right barrier properties such as WVTR, OTR, and meet the proper migration- and shelf life requirements 

EURIKAS offers a unique range of aqueous coatings and vegetable wax emulsions to the industry, in order to provide the right solutions to paper and board, so these new trends can be met. This brand new range of water based coatings and emulsions, launched under the name of EurikaCoat, allows a direct food contact certification for the final packaging product. 

In addition, new sustainable printing techniques such as Digital Printing, requires the use of the right primers, so printers can continue to be competitive in this newly shaped environment. 

Below you can find a summary and overview of the whole EurikaCoat product range, so can you can continue to develop your own business in this new world plenty of new challenges! 

Water-based Sustainable Coatings for Printing & Packaging

EurikaCoat Product Range Overview

EurikaCoat SW166 N

EurikaCoat SW166-HS

EurikaCoat 9455

EurikaCoat 3624

EurikaCoat 3624-HS

EurikaCoat 3624-40

EurikaCoat 3640N

EurikaCoat 3644N

EurikaCoat 8520

EurikaCoat 8310