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Eurikas at European Coatings Show 2023 (Nürnberg)


Late March 2023, Eurikas was one of the exhibitors at the European Coatings Show (ECS) in Nürnberg (Germany). This leading conference for high-quality coatings, paints, sealants and construction chemicals took place from March 28-30, 2023.

During this event we had the opportunity to present our new solutions such as sustainable barrier coatings and vegetable wax emulsions, and discuss these latest developments with our customers and prospects.

A big thank you to all our partners and customers for their presence at our booth!

coatible: unique consortium for a plastic-free future


Led by GPD Foodpackaging and Manroland GOSS, a unique consortium of market leaders and pioneering start-ups has been formed. Welcome to coatible

coatible reseraches for a plastic-free future through: 

  • Recycling
  • Migration protection 
  • Plastic prevention

coatible develops bio-based and biodegradable barriers and a compatible application process. And this individually for each application. 


Eurikas is proud to be a partner of this consortium, together with:  

  • GPD Foodpackaging GmbH & Co. KG, a folding carton factory with a focus on high efficiency paired with resource conservation.
  • Manroland GOSS web systems GmbH (in short “manroland GOSS”), a leading provider of web offset printing solutions.
  • JOS Consulting GmbH, specialised in the development and implementation of packaging solutions from relevant materials.

Project leadership

Fulvio Cadonau has been active in the paper and board industry for over four decades and has developed pioneering solutions in the field of sustainable barriers for the packaging industry throughout Europe over the past 15 years.

Read more: 


Eurika®Coat RB255


Eurikas is launching Eurika®Coat RB255, its newest emulsion based on rice bran wax.  

Rice bran wax is the vegetable wax extracted from the bran oil of rice. The main components of rice bran wax are aliphatic acids (wax acids) and higher alcohol esters.  

This emulsion has been designed to offer an excellent water vapor barrier properties when compounded in coating formulations.  

When formulated in lacquers or coatings, it also offers:   

  • good hydrophobicity
  • anti-block
  • very good slip
  • nonabrasive properties 

Eurika®Coat RB255 increases tremendously the sustainability of all food and other packaging systems, and this coating is free of any plastics or micro-plastics. 

Free samples are available upon request, by sending us an e-mail at [email protected].



Eurikas is putting in the spotlight HUMOFIT®︎ (produced by Mitsui Chemicals Inc.), a new material with temperature dependency that senses human body temperature, becoming soft when warmed but firm when cooled. Its shape-retaining properties enable it to mold softly to the contours of the body.

The name HUMOFIT®︎ is a combination of the words "HUman", "therMO", and "FIT", as the new material senses human body temperature and gently wraps the body it touches.

Its features:

Shape memory: HUMOFIT™ is a material that can bend, fold, twist or stretch without force being applied. Although it is stiff against an initial stress, it stretches a little at a time, and then gradually returns to its original shape like felt.

Temperature dependence: HUMOFIT™ is temperature dependent. It is a material that becomes flexible when heated, It can be shaped to fit the body with a person's body temperature, or heated up and folded compactly for easy transportation. When cooled down, it becomes hard.


  • Hard shell jackets
  • Shoes
  • Air cushions
  • Support chairs
  • Educational toys



Plastics are being used to replace metal in applications where metal parts have been used for decades. We know that plastic offers many advantages to metal, however most plastics, without additives, lack the properties required for demanding applications.

Eurikas is putting in the spotlight this month EverGlide® (produced by Polymer Dynamix), a unique technology providing excellent lubricity, wear and abrasion resistance to plastics in the most demanding applications.

EverGlide® reduces the tendency for plastic to scratch and mar easily which significantly improves the overall abrasion resistance of the plastic. This technology:

  • Significantly increases in lubricity
  • Has a minimal effect on mechanicals
  • Is cost effective
  • Has a high thermal stability
  • Is approved for food contact
  • Is available in most polymers

(source: Polymer Dynamix)



Eurikas is putting in the spotlight this month DynaSil™, a unique tool allowing traditional halogen and non-halogen flame retardants to work more effectively.

A slight addition of DynaSil™ (produced by Polymer Dynamix) allows for reduction in heat release rate, a decrease in smoke generation, elimination or minimization of traditional hazardous flame retarding chemistries, improvements in processing and greater elongation of highly loaded compounds.

DynaSil™ technology offers:

  • Cost effective option for Antimony Replacement
  • Improved overall fire performance
  • Reduced heat release rate
  • Lower smoke
  • Better char formation
  • Decrease flame retardant required
  • Friendly ecotox profile

Utilizing DynaSil™ as tool in a formulated system the loss in tensile can be easily addressed, and the elongation can also be drastically increased.

(source: Polymer Dynamix)

EurikaCoat SW144


Eurikas is putting in the spotlight this month an innovative waterbased cationic solution of a 100% vegetable wax, designed to offer excellent hydrophobicity, anti-block, very good slip and nonabrasive properties.

It shows an outstanding water beading effect when applied on any surface such as texile.

It enhances surfaces and barrier characteristics in aqueous coating systems and is recommended as a perfect natural alternative to paraffin wax based emulsions.

In order to achieve maximum water resistance  properties, Eurika®Coat SW144 or coatings formulated with Eurika®Coat SW144, should be cured at conditions to achieve a minimum surface temperature of 70°C/158°F.

EurikaCoat SW166N & EurikaCoat SW166-HS


Eurikas is putting in the spotlight this month their unique emulsion of soy wax, a 100% vegetable wax emulsion. After an extensive research period, we have been able to make a stable emulsion of a vegetable wax, something which has never been done before.  

The product is available globally and commercially manufactured in Europe and comes in 2 versions at different solids, EurikaCoat SW166N (30% solids) and EurikaCoat SW166HS (40%).  

The product can be used as a sustainable barrier coating for paper and packaging giving excellent water resistance properties, as well as a good MVTR. It can be used as is or formulated with other coating raw materials such as natural polymers or latexes. It is an ideal replacement for the current existing paraffin wax emulsions, that are derived from traditional fossil fuels.  

Besides barrier properties, the product is also an excellent slip agent for paper. It can be applied via all traditional coating technologies including spraying onto the surface.

In the spotlight: Stabio Bio-Mass Based PDI (pentane di-isocyanate)


Polyurethanes are an invaluable class of materials present in much of our everyday life. How can we increase the non-petrochemical content of them though?  

A great answer is biomass based isocyanates. Eurikas presents Stabio Bio-Mass PDI (pentane di-isocyanate), a highly innovative solution (produced by Mitsui Chemicals) with the following characteristics:

  • High NCO content and non-yellowing
  • Excellent solvent resistance and weather resistance
  • High Biomass content of more than 60%
  • Low drying temperature
  • Superior smoothness
  • Applicable to field Hexamethylenediisocyanate (HDI) derivatives are being used

Whether you are looking to guide your customers towards a greener future for exterior, coating materials, bonding agents and construction materials, Stabio offers a way forward. It combines chemical resistance with transparency, viscosity and an environmental friendly approach.


Eurikas is hiring!


Eurikas is looking for people in internal sales & administration, interested in a small company operating globally in responsibly sourced and manufactured products.

Are you ambitious and eager to take your career to the next level? Would you like to join a small team of dedicated professionals? Are you looking for a job in a stimulating environment, with excellent working conditions? Then please send your CV, together with a covering letter, to Julie D'Hooghe of Robert Half ([email protected]).

In the spotlight: Mitsui Chemicals Mipelon™ range of very fine powder UHMWPE


Eurikas presents the Mitsui Chemicals Mipelon™ range of very fine powder UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight PE) with average Molecular Weight of 2 million g/mol. These are available in average particle sizes ranging from 10 microns up to 65 micron.

Some of the advantages of the Mipelon™ range are:

  • Geometry Spherical powder shape for better dispersion & smooth surface
  • Narrow Particle Size Distribution for better quality & better performance 
  • Low coefficient of friction (Mipelons are effective alternatives to PTFE)
  • Excellent wear resistance and noise reduction
  • Antislip properties in coatings
  • Matting of surfaces
  • Pronounced texturing effects
  • Ease of dispersion in coatings systems
  • Strong chemical resistance, non-water absorbent
  • Food Safety contact (eg. FDA)

The above features are utilized in diverse applications such as: 

  • Thermoplastic compounds and shapes
  • Elastomer coatings
  • Elastomeric rollers
  • Decorative paints
  • Floor (rigid and flexible) & furniture coatings
  • Leather (natural & synthetic) coatings
  • Spray coatings
  • Sintered shapes (filters, electrodes,…)

These highly versatile materials offer a lot of value to your products and we would be delighted to introduce them to you!

European Coating Show 2019


The entire Eurikas team has participated successfully at the European Coating Show 2019, which has taken place in Nürnberg, Germany, on March, 19th-21st. Together with our co-exhibitor Alichem, we have been able to host many of our existing customers, and introduce many new prospects to our exciting product line.