Based on its proven global experience and our customer’s needs, EURIKAS has developed its own product range. You can find an overview of our current offerings below.

Emulsions for Coatings

MicroWax Emulsion 228

Montan Wax Emulsion MWE 924

Waxes for Adhesives & Polymer Modification

EurikaWax MC-1800

EurikaWax LP-100

EurikaWax LP-200

EurikaWax LP-300

EurikaWax FT-10

EurikaWax FT-20

Rheology Modifiers for Sealants

EurikaThix 5090

EurikaThix 5390

Coatings for printing & Packaging

EurikaCoat Product Range Overview

EurikaCoat SW166 N

EurikaCoat SW166-HS

EurikaCoat 9455

EurikaCoat 3624

EurikaCoat 3624-HS

EurikaCoat 3624-40

EurikaCoat 3640N

EurikaCoat 3644N

EurikaCoat 8520

EurikaCoat 8310

Polymers (APP) for Waterproofing Membranes

EurikaBit 679