Polymer Modification

Many polymers today are specialty products specifically designed and engineered to meet high demanding needs. The choice of the right modification additive depends on the type of polymer, the desired reaction effect and the processing conditions of each grade. EURIKAS products offer lubrication, improved char formation, allow replacement of inorganic flame retardants, improve low temperature flexibility and impact resistance, can act as processing aids and improve anti-static properties.

EURIKAS also offers the PTFE micropowders from Shamrock Technologies, made from virgin as well as recycled PTFE and the use of recycled PTFE aids in reducing the carbon footprint relative to the use of virgin materials. These PTFE micropowders deliver optimal performance for specific resins and applications.

Polymers where our products find utilization are polyolefins, PVC, PA, PC, PBT, POM, PPS, PEEK end PET.

Products offered:

Polymer Dynamix Product Range Overview

PTFE for Engineered Plastics