Asphalt and bitumen

Europe's road network is mainly covered by asphalt. The more extreme climate conditions and never ending rush of traffic require continuous higher technical demands for what seems initially a simple product. The optimal combination of raw materials together with the right processing expertise and conditions, will guarantee a top-quality product with a maximum life span.

EURIKAS can offer you the right products to use, high performance polymers, which include SBS, APP & Oxidized HDPE-wax.

As an asphalt or bitumen manufacturer you will be able to get the right product from us at any time, below a summary of offerings in more detail.

Linear SBS – LG501S

Radial SBS – LG411

EurikaBit 679, Amorphous polypropylene (APP)

GMT-1825, High Density Oxidized Polyethylene Wax